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Unique EVs specialise in the Electric Vehicle Conversion (EVC) of Classic and Unique vehicles.

Rule of thumb we only convert vehicles manufactured pre 1985.

We welcome you to have a look at our Projects page which lists examples of both ongoing and completed EVC's.

If you don't have a vehicle we also sell Classic and Unique Cars.

Examples of these range from: VW Split Screens, T3 and Beetles; to Porsche 924's; Range Rover Classic's and good old Series 2 Landy's - see our Sales page for more information.

Unique EVs can supply Parts for your EVC.

To start the process of Converting your Classic Unique Vehicle to Electic please click the link below and we will follow up with you.

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Note we do not Convert cars Post 1990 at this stage.

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What is an EV Conversion?

An electric vehicle conversion is the replacement of a car's internal combustion engine (ICE) and connected components with an electric motor and batteries, to create an all-electric vehicle.

When deciding to convert your vehicle its important to think about the style of driving, the distance between battery charges and performance you would like. Conversion are generally performed on Unique and Classic cars. A classic car is an older car, typically 20 years or older, though definitions vary.

Our approach is to take some initial information about your vehicle on our online form. From this we will review options for your conversion and organise a time to discuss this with you. This is free of charge. If you would like to take the next step to organise a fixed price quote we inspect your vehicle and complete a Vehicle Assessment Report (VAR).

Generally people would like to know what the cost estimate is for an EV Conversion straight off the bat. This varies when taking into account the weight, driving style and distance between charges required. Ball park figures are between $45 - $150k.

However, when looking at an EV Conversion its important to look at the long term losses you are avoiding by converting your vehicle to electric.  This includes avoiding losses with fuel and maintenance costs.  The EV Conversion also future proofs your vehicle with California set to ban combustion-engine vehicles starting in 2035, and helps our environment by producing up to 75% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

At this stage we do not convert vehicles Post 1990; this may change in the future.

An Electric Vehicle Conversion (EVC) can be broken down into four main steps

STEP 1: Vehicle Assessment Report

Failing to plan is planning to fail. With that in mind the first step of the conversion process is a thorough inspection of the vehicle. We will measure available space, assess the vehicle's condition and begin the design process. Once we know the vehicle, we will work with you and your individual requirements to create an effective project plan.

As we generally don’t provide quotes on email. Rather we complete an Initial Review through a Vehicle Assessment Report (VAR).   The VAR is a comprehensive review of your Vehicle including Roadworthy Costs, Refurbishment Cost Assessment
quotation for your EV Conversion. 

To start you VAR please click this link.

STEP 2: Project Plan

After discussion and confirmation with you as the client we develop a Project Plan for your EV Conversion.  The Project Plan details the components, costs, timeframe, stage payments and terms and conditions.

Any Vehicle Refurbishment would start from this point.

We are able to complete Works from Total Ground up Re-build, Upholstery, 12v and Mechanical Works.

STEP 3: EV Conversion

Once step 2 is complete we make a Vehicle Modification Application with the relevant state Transport Department.  Start and Complete the EVC.  Once the ICE components are removed and the vehicle has been prepared we will begin the installation process. This involves running new wiring, connecting the electric motor to the gearbox, and installing the battery boxes and batteries.

STEP 4: Commissioning

Once the EV installation is complete we will commission, road test and register the vehicle with its new electric propulsion, before running the vehicle over the dyno to ascertain the gains in performance while ensuring the highest range possible.

Client Handover

“This was my first car!

It had sat in the garage for many years.

When I saw what Unique EVs were doing I jumped at the chance to convert my car.

Unique EVs did an amazing job –
I couldn’t believe it when I say my little beetle back on the road and now it was Electric!’

Nicole: Owner 1969 VW Beetle – completed
August 2022

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