We’re a group of creative car lovers who have built a business to change the world.

With a love for classic cars and a passion to reduce global emissions, we have come together to lead the way in the Australian electric vehicle conversion market.

Our international team have experience in multiple industries including renewable energy, automotive manufacturing and maritime sectors. Each adds a depth of knowledge that combined creates a diverse team of driven, professional, world class problem solvers.

  • Cameron Gardiner

    Managing Director

    As Founding partner of Unique EVs, I come to this space with a passion for unique classic cars, born from watching my grandpa restore his. With his fondness for Vintage Pre 1920 vehicles; I distinctly remember him asking me to jump out and push his old Bugatti as we slowly crept up a hill whilst on a rally in Victoria. He spent endless hours meticulously trying to keep his cars running and looking fantastic. Having over 15 years’ experience running successful companies focusing on sustainability; Unique EVs provided the opportunity to marry two of my passions – unique vehicles and preserving the environment through electrification.  An electric powered classic unique car offers the opportunity to future proof these vehicles, and in many cases, they become daily drivers. I am proud to be a part of this initiative that will see more and more of our great vehicles back on the road; reducing greenhouse gas emissions and being awesome to drive.

  • Edi Gutmanis

    EVC Automotive Lead

    The past few years has brought exciting opportunities to my professional career including working on some special projects in vehicle body company, working as an electro-mechanical engineer alongside my BEng and MSc studies and designing and building low-volume EV projects. My passion about engineering is reflected through selection of degree study modules, dissertation project and years of work experience.My expertise in technical and mechanical engineering in addition to project management, team leadership and quality assurance has provided superior support to previous colleagues and employers.

  • Cooper Malone


    ‘Coops’ is a trained and authorized Automotive Mechanic with over 20 years experience.  In 2006 whilst working with Toyota he was specifically trained to work on the Toyota Prius.  He expertise in drivechain assessment selection and assessment makes him an integral part of the UniqueEVs team.

  • Daniel Gale

    EVC Technician

    Dan is a 4th year Mechatronic Engineer and Computer Science student. Dan is an active member of Curtin Motorsport Team as the team's Electrical Lead Engineer. Curtin Motorsport Team designs and manufactures a formula-style electric race car. Dan has worked on the vehicle control unit, vehicle wiring harnesses and high voltage battery systems. He has always been a "car guy" and is excited about the growth of the electric vehicle industry.

  • Nicolas Vidal

    EVC Technician

    As a 3rd year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student at Curtin University, Nicolas joined Unique EVs in January of 2022. At Curtin, Nicolas is an active member of Curtin Motorsport Team (CMT), where he was the 2021 Internal Business Director, and now 2022 Public Relations & Engagement Manager. Working on the final internal combustion vehicle and first electric vehicle prototype at CMT, he has experience with electric design, system integration, and high voltage batteries and cabling.

  • Kane Mack

    Junior Automotive Technician

    Kane joins the Unique EVs team with his experience keeping his mums old Holden ute alive.  Kane brings a passion for all things automotive and electrical.

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