About Unique EVs

The UNIQUE EVS mission to lead the electric vehicle conversion market by future-proofing classic cars, producing unique electric sports cars, and transitioning niche markets to E-Mobility is a critical contribution to transitioning industry from a fossil fuel reliance to the technology of electrification and creation of a sustainable ecosystem.

We make cars electric.

About our Unique EVs Logo

The Unique EVs Logo symbolises the Rise of the Phoenix with its wings reborn through the charge of Electric Power.

The Phoenix represents good luck, harmony, peace, balance and prosperity.

This magical creature is the Firebird symbol – the flames of true inspiration and passion - the continuation of life in flames of change.

It is within this context Unique EVs Logo guides our work to bring new life into Unique and Classic cars through our Electric Vehicle Conversions.

Our Team

Our international team have experience in multiple industries including renewable energy, automotive manufacturing and maritime sectors. Each adds a depth of knowledge that combined creates a diverse team of driven, professional, world class problem solvers.

Unique EVs is part of the Electro Venture Holdings Group of Companies.

Unique EVs Motor Vehicle Repairers Number: MRB11220

Acknowledgement of Country

Australia acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future
Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation
of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • Joshua Portlock

    Innovation Director

    In a bid to fortify Unique EVs' expertise and technical prowess, Electro Ventures has enlisted the support of Founding Innovation Partner, Joshua Portlock.
    Joshua will assume the role of Innovation Director, lending his invaluable guidance to the engineering process and spearheading the creation of a scalable intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

    Josh is the Founding Partner of Electro Ventures, Co-Founder and Innovation Director of Electro.Aero, Electro Nautic, Electro Base, and AquaFlights. Josh has nearly two decades of experience developing and commercializing electric propulsion and autonomous systems. He is an entrepreneur and robotics engineer who has specialized in electric propulsion technologies. Josh is an Australian innovation leader in multidisciplinary design-optimized aerodynamics, electric propulsion, and control systems.

  • Cameron Gardiner

    Managing Director

    As Founding partner of Unique EVs, I come to this space with a passion for unique classic cars, born from watching my grandpa restore his. With his fondness for Vintage Pre 1920 vehicles; I distinctly remember him asking me to jump out and push his old Bugatti as we slowly crept up a hill whilst on a rally in Victoria. He spent endless hours meticulously trying to keep his cars running and looking fantastic. Having over 15 years’ experience running successful companies focusing on sustainability; Unique EVs provided the opportunity to marry two of my passions – unique vehicles and preserving the environment through electrification.  An electric powered classic unique car offers the opportunity to future proof these vehicles, and in many cases, they become daily drivers. I am proud to be a part of this initiative that will see more and more of our great vehicles back on the road; reducing greenhouse gas emissions and being awesome to drive.

  • Martin Becker - Electrical

    EVC Technician - Electrical & Mechanical

    The future of electric vehicles has arrived with the opening of the Unique EVs in Perth. I am thrilled and enthusiastic about your projects in developing the new generation of electric vehicle powertrains. Through my Master Degree in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering I gained knowledge of combustion and electric engines, factory planning, software calibration and electrical systems, which are the asset skills for an position as electrical technician in your company. Since I was a child, it is my wish to be an engineer and now I am highly motivated to develop automotive innovations until the state of perfection.

  • Liam Watson

    EVC Techician - Mechanical

    My name is Liam and I'm a recent graduate from Curtin University and Curtin Motorsport Team.

    I heard from one of my colleagues at CMT that Unique EVS might potentially have some openings for job opportunities. Being a recent graduate as well as a passionate automotive engineer, I jumped at the chance to become part of the Unique EVs team.

  • Daniel Gale

    EVC Technician

    Dan is a 4th year Mechatronic Engineer and Computer Science student. Dan is an active member of Curtin Motorsport Team as the team's Electrical Lead Engineer. Curtin Motorsport Team designs and manufactures a formula-style electric race car. Dan has worked on the vehicle control unit, vehicle wiring harnesses and high voltage battery systems. He has always been a "car guy" and is excited about the growth of the electric vehicle industry.

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