Who are Unique EVs?

We’re a group of creative car lovers who have built a business to change the world.

With a love for unique classic cars and a passion to contribute to change, we have come together to lead the way in the electric vehicle conversion market and future proof your classic car.

Established in 2021; we are the first to develop ourselves as the premier EV Conversion company in WA.

‍Our team has experience in multiple industries, including renewable energy, automotive  manufacturing and the maritime sectors. That combined depth of knowledge has created a team of diverse professionals and world-class problem solvers.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help make your car electric.

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Electric Vehicle Conversions

The complete electric re-power of classic and unique cars

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Electric Vehicle Sales

A selection of our EV projects available for purchase.

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Convert your vehicle.

Today is the day to embrace the future and convert your unique or classic vehicle.

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